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Manifestation vs Law of Attraction: Everything you need to know

The concepts of manifestation and the law of attraction have become increasingly popular in recent years. But what exactly is the difference between these two ideas? And how did Neville Goddard view them?

In this guide, we’ll examine the core principles of manifestation and the law of attraction, look at how they compare and contrast, and explore Neville Goddard’s unique take on imagination to shape your reality.

Manifestation uses techniques like visualization and affirmations to attract specific outcomes. The law of attraction focuses on maintaining positive thoughts and energy to attract positive experiences generally. Manifestation is targeted and precise while the law of attraction shapes overall experience based on vibration. Ultimately, combining elements of both manifestation and law of attraction can be highly effective.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the practice of using your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions to attract your desired outcomes in life. The basic premise is that your consciousness shapes your reality. By focusing on positive thoughts and emotions related to what you want to create or achieve, you can manifest those desires in the physical world.

Manifestation includes:

  • Focusing clearly on desired outcomes
  • Visualizing and feeling what it would be like to have what you want
  • Taking aligned action
  • Letting go of attachment to the outcome
  • Believing in your ability to manifest
  • Being open to receiving

Manifestation relies on the idea that your dominant thoughts and beliefs shape your reality. If you can learn to control your thinking and master your mindset, what you focus on will ultimately come to pass.

Proponents of manifestation say that anyone can learn how to manifest more effectively. With practice, your ability to translate thoughts and intentions into reality improves. Manifestation requires patience, persistence, and discipline of the mind. But those who stick with it often report uncanny successes.

Manifestation Techniques

There are many techniques and exercises designed to improve your ability to manifest. Some popular manifestation practices include:

Visualization – Vividly imagining your desired outcome as if it has already happened. Engaging all your senses to create a detailed mental picture.

Affirmations – Repeating positive statements of your intentions regularly to reinforce your beliefs. For example, “I am attracting the perfect partner for me.”

Gratitude – Focusing on and appreciating what you have already manifested to boost positive emotions and feelings of abundance.

Meditation – Quieting your mind and focusing intently on your desires without attachment or doubt.

Scripting – Writing out descriptions of your desired reality in the present tense, as if it is happening now.

Focused Intention – Consciously concentrating your attention only on what you wish to manifest.

The goal of all these techniques is to create and reinforce positive thought patterns and beliefs that will translate into real world results through the power of your mind. With practice, manifestation gets easier and can help you attract your heart’s desires.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is the belief that we create our reality through our predominant thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and energy. According to the law of attraction, our conscious and unconscious thoughts attract corresponding experiences into our lives.

In other words, positive thoughts bring positive experiences, while negative thoughts tend to attract negative experiences. The more you align your thoughts and emotions with your desired outcome, the more likely you are to see that outcome manifest.

The law of attraction is often popularized as “You become what you think about most.” Essentially, your predominant mental state shapes what you experience. Your thoughts and emotions act like a magnet, attracting matching circumstances and events.

For example, if you dwell on anxieties about being alone, you’ll likely attract more circumstances that reinforce solitude. But if you focus confidently on meeting your ideal partner, you’ll manifest more opportunities to meet new people.

The law of attraction explains that the universe mirrors aspects of yourself back to you, based on the nature of your habitual thoughts and emotions. To change your results in any area, you must first change your inner experience.

In general, law of attraction include:

  • Focusing on what you want (not what you don’t want)
  • Raising your vibration through positive emotions
  • Letting go of attachment and resistance
  • Taking aligned action

By intentionally choosing more positive thoughts and releasing resistance to receiving what you want, you can leverage the law of attraction to manifest your goals and desires.

Key Differences Between Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

Though manifestation and the law of attraction are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences between these two concepts:

Active vs. Passive Approach

Manifestation tends to be a more active process, relying on techniques like visualization and affirmations to create change. The law of attraction is more passive – it suggests focusing on feeling good and releasing resistance without direct visualization or techniques.

Precise Focus vs. General Focus

Manifestation usually requires a clear focus on a specific desired outcome. The law of attraction involves a more general focus on increasing overall positive emotions and feeling good.

Action vs. Allowing

Manifestation emphasizes the importance of taking aligned action to achieve goals. With the law of attraction, the main focus is allowing what you want to come to you by releasing resistance. Action is optional.


Results from manifestation practices often seem to appear faster than just relying on the law of attraction alone. However, speed depends on the individual’s mastery of each concept.


Manifestation draws from the New Thought movement of the late 19th century, authors like William Walker Atkinson, and teachings like those of Neville Goddard. The origins of the law of attraction concept are more loosely defined with input from New Thought, Hermeticism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.


Manifestation utilizes a variety of specific techniques like visualization and affirmations. The law of attraction principles are more broadly focused on overall thoughts and emotions.


Manifestation incorporates the belief that we can attract and shape specific outcomes through intention and techniques. The law of attraction is the more general belief that shaping internal experience shapes external outcomes.

So in summary:

  • Manifestation is focused on precise techniques to attract specific outcomes.
  • The law of attraction is more about general thoughts, emotions, and energy to shape experience.

Overall, manifestation and the law of attraction are very complementary concepts. When combined, they become a powerful approach.

Now that we’ve covered the basic differences between these two widespread metaphysical concepts, let’s look at how influential spiritual teacher Neville Goddard viewed them.

What did Neville Goddard Think About Manifestation and Law of Attraction

Neville Goddard was a profoundly influential New Thought author and lecturer. Much of his teachings centered around the power of imagination and consciousness to shape reality. Goddard taught practical techniques centered around imagination and mental imagery to transform thinking and produce real world outcomes.

Though Goddard’s teachings intersected with both manifestation and the law of attraction, he had some unique perspectives on how reality is shaped through imagination:

Your Imagination Shapes Reality

Central to all of Goddard’s teachings is the principle that imagination creates reality. He suggested that human consciousness is the only reality, and that our dominant thoughts become our experienced world.

The key is mastering your imagination and controlling your inner conversations and mental imagery. When you assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled, your thoughts will reshape your outer world.

Live in the End

Goddard emphasized the importance of living from the end, rather than starting in the state of wishing. Assume your desire is already fulfilled. Make that visualized end your dominant state, ignoring any evidence to the contrary. Living from the end state manifests your wish into being.

Persist and Let Go

Keep focused on your desired end without wavering. Maintain faith that your vision must objectify once firmly impressed on your subconscious mind. Then let go, trusting that your fulfilled wish will unfold on its own accord. Don’t force or resist the outcome.

There Are No Limits

Goddard taught that the only limits to manifestation through imagination are those imposed by your own mind. Any reality you can conceive is possible to realize and attract by assuming you already have it within your imagination. Expand your imagined goals.

Actions Aren’t Required

Unlike some manifestation teachings, Goddard suggested that no physical actions are required to manifest. Provided your imagined outcome feels natural and real, your subconscious mind will automatically compel any aligned actions needed. Focus just on your imagination.

Feel It Real

Merely visualizing is not enough. You must feel that your imagined reality is already true with full sensory immersion. The more vividly real it feels when you assume your wish fulfilled, the faster it will take shape in concrete form.

Manifesting with Neville Goddard’s Principles

Now that we’ve covered the core principles of Neville Goddard’s teachings, how can we apply these ideas to effectively use imagination to manifest outcomes?

Here are some key techniques to put Neville Goddard’s philosophies into action:

1. Define Your Desire Clearly

Get very clear on the specifics of what you want to manifest. Define it in positive terms that resonate with you emotionally. Make sure your desired outcome is stated in the present tense, as if you have it already.

2. Visualize and Feel From the End

Use your imagination to vividly envision having, being, or doing what you desire. Engage all your senses. See it, feel it, touch it, hear it, smell it. Imagine the details as if your wish is fulfilled now.

3. Assumption of the Wish Fulfilled

Assume that this imagined reality is your new dominant state. Carry yourself with the confidence that your intention is already realized on a subconscious level. Affirm to yourself regularly: “Isn’t it wonderful…” or “I remember when…”

4. Fall Asleep in Your Desired State

When falling asleep, continue imagining your fulfilled wish from a first person perspective. Loop the mental scene over and over until you fall asleep still feeling it is true. This plants the seed deeply in your subconscious mind.

5. Persist in Faith

Imagine consistently and persist in the assumption that your desire is already accomplished. Have complete faith that by impressing this inner reality, the outer world must reshape accordingly. Let go of how or when. Just know it is done.

6. Allow Actions to Follow

Don’t force actions or behaviors. Trust that any inspired actions needed to realize your wish fulfilled will automatically arise. Effortlessly allow the next steps to unfold.

7. Be Open to Change

Detach from any rigid expectations of how your desire must manifest. Stay open to the infinite ways it can materialize while knowing your wish is already realized within.

8. Give Thanks

Express gratitude for your intention already coming to pass on the subconscious level before seeing physical results. Giving thanks for your fulfilled desire amplifies its manifestation.

Applying these guidelines based on Neville Goddard’s teachings can help you use imagination and assumption to shape your external reality in remarkable ways. With consistent practice over time, manifesting your intentions becomes easier and more natural.

Combining Manifestation and Law of Attraction

As we found earlier, manifestation and law of attraction principles have many complementary qualities. When combined strategically, they become a powerful tool for conscious creation.

Here’s an integrative manifesting framework that incorporates techniques from both paths:

1. Set Clear Intentions – Define exactly what you want to manifest. Get precise and specific.

2. Align Energy – Raise your vibration and focus on positive emotions related to your desire through gratitude, inspiration, love. Feel good first before attempting to manifest.

3. Visualize Vividly – Use creative visualization to imagine your desire as if it is already accomplished. Engage all your senses.

4. Assume the Feeling – Assume the identity, emotions, confidence, and energy of having your intention now. Feel it is done.

5. Let Go and Allow – Detach from how/when it must happen. Trust the universe to orchestrate. Avoid forcing or resisting the outcome.

6. Take Aligned Action – Effortlessly allow any inspired action steps to arise then follow through. Act as if it’s already done.

7. Express Gratitude – Give thanks for your manifestation as if it has already happened, amplifying the energy.

8. Repeat and Persist – Continue steps 1-7 with discipline until your manifestation fully materializes into form.

Integrating both intentional techniques from manifestation and aligning energy principles from law of attraction creates an optimized approach. Test different combinations to see what works best for you.

The key is consistency. Don’t just dabble in these principles. To become a deliberate creator, dedicate yourself to daily manifesting rituals. Your skill improves with focused practice over time.

Manifesting Your Reality

As we’ve explored, both manifestation and the law of attraction provide pathways to consciously creating your reality with the power of your mind. While their origins and emphasis differ slightly, combining principles from both fields can help you manifest more powerfully.

Approach manifesting with an open, playful attitude. Don’t limit yourself to just one rigid technique. Experiment and find what works for you. The more you practice imagination, assumption, and aligning your energy, the faster your manifestations can flourish.

Neville Goddard offered a distinctive take on manifesting through pure imagination and faith. But you can blend his wisdom with other timeless teachings. Master your inner world and you’ll discover that you are the sole creator of the external world you live in.

Your dominant thoughts, beliefs, and energy precede and attract your physical experiences. You manifest your assumptions. Make your predominant assumptions positive, aligned with your intentions, and hugely expansive. You are unlimited.

The realm of infinite possibility awaits you. Manifest the joyous, abundant, meaningful reality you desire by first assuming it is yours now within your imagination.

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