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Neville Goddard EIYPO: Complete Guide

In this guide, I’ll explain what EIYPO is, why it matters, and how to use it to reshape your reality.

What is EIYPO?

EIYPO means “Everyone Is You Pushed Out”. This term was coined by Neville Goddard, one of the most influential New Thought teachers on manifestation.

Here is Neville’s original quote:

“The whole vast world is no more than man’s imagining pushed out.”

EIYPO is the idea that your entire external reality is a projection of your inner world of imagination, assumptions, and beliefs. There is no solid objective universe outside of your perception. Everything you experience starts within your own consciousness.

People, events, and situations appear in your outer reality because in some way you pushed them out through your thoughts, expectations, and beliefs. Your inner world is expressed through the mirror of life.

Why EIYPO Matters

Understanding EIYPO hands you the steering wheel to your life. If everyone and everything starts within your consciousness, then you have the power to reshape your reality by changing your inner assumptions and imaginations.

Rather than feeling powerless against difficult situations or people, you can take control. By mastering your imagination, you can rewrite the beliefs that cast characters and events in your life.

As Neville said, your outer world has no choice but to conform and reshape itself around your new inner states and assumptions.

You’re Not a Victim, You Have the Power to Manifest

With EIYPO, you stop seeing yourself as a passive victim of circumstances. You let go of the illusion that there are forces outside your control wreaking havoc in your life.

Instead, you take responsibility as the operant power who creates by way of imagination and belief.

Freedom to Transform Your World

EIYPO means freedom. You are free from external limitations, and you have the freedom to transform any aspect of your world by transforming your inner world first.

There is no need to overly complicate things or struggle to control every detail externally. You simply shift inwardly by planting the seeds of imagination and assumption.

Create Consciously Instead of Unconsciously

We are always creating our reality. The question is are we doing it consciously or unconsciously?

EIYPO means becoming aware of how your inner world projects outwards. Then you can consciously create by harnessing the immense power of imagination.

What You Need To Remember About EIYPO

There are three main components to Neville Goddard’s EIYPO concept:

1. Consciousness is the Only Reality

“The first principle that guides us is that consciousness is the only reality.” – Neville Goddard

For Neville, this was the keystone. Your current state of consciousness is the only true reality. Everything else springs forth from thought and imagination.

There is no solid external reality outside of your perception and assumptions. Your consciousness is the cause, the outer world the effect.

2. You Attract Reflections of Yourself

Because consciousness is the sole reality, your outer world becomes a mirror reflecting assumptions held in your inner world.

You attract reflections of whatever is going on within – whether positive or negative. People say and do things that validate your worldview. You get back what you put out energetically.

3. You Are the Operant Power

Since your world manifests from your own consciousness, you are the operant power in your reality. Everything bends to your imagination and beliefs.

No one has inherent power over your creations and experiences. You call the shots by choosing your dominant thoughts, states, and assumptions.

Neville Goddard EIYPO Examples

Neville used vivid examples to illustrate the dramatic power of EIYPO in action:

  • You assume someone dislikes you. Soon you notice they act coldly or ignore you, proving your assumption correct.
  • You desire a specific house. But self-doubt arises, materializing as a person who buys the house instead.
  • You persist in a mental scene of your SP confessing deep love for you. Soon it happens exactly as you imagined.
  • You revise an argument in your mind, seeing it as a calm discussion. The other person starts acting less hostile, mirroring your changed assumption.

In each case, the outer experience conforms to the imagination and dominant assumptions. People play roles consistent with inner states.

How to Apply EIYPO

Here are some tips for leveraging Neville’s EIYPO concept:

  • Notice patterns. Pay attention to recurring themes with different people or situations. It reveals inner beliefs projecting outwards.
  • Examine assumptions. When you see an undesirable pattern, dig deeper to uncover the assumption causing it.
  • Revise with imagination. Use visualization and mental imagery to assume the desired state. See and feel it as real.
  • Persist. To imprint the new reality, persist by doing regular SATS sessions in your new assumptions.
  • Focus on states. Don’t obsess over exact events. Shift into the state of already having your desire.

1. Test With Small Desires First

I suggest beginners test out EIYPO on small, believable desires at first, like revising a conversation using Neville’s revision technique to imagine it being more pleasant or persist in a mental scene where someone you know greets you warmly.

When you see your imagination and assumptions reflected back through people and events, it builds faith in the law of assumption.

2. Inner Conversations Are Powerful

Have imaginary conversations from your desired state. Hear congratulations or compliments you wish to hear. Or tell yourself “I remember when…” as you fall asleep in your new reality.

3. Check Your Energy

Monitor your energy. Are you carrying a victim mentality, giving away your power? Or is your dominant state one of conscious creator?

4. Persist In Your Assumption

Don’t give up after one attempt. Repetition instills the new reality. Persist in your new assumptions.

5. Take Inspired Action

Action complements your inner work. Follow through on any intuitive nudges you receive.

Common EIYPO Misconceptions

There are some common mistakes and misconceptions to avoid when applying EIYPO:

  • Blaming others. With EIYPO, responsibility lies within. But avoid making others “wrong.” Simply seek to uncover the belief causing an issue.
  • Trying to force change. Change happens naturally through shifting inner states, not force.
  • Overcomplicating. This is about a mental shift, not complex techniques. Simply embody the new state.
  • Downplaying action. While inner work is key, inspired action complements it. Find the right balance.

The key is not to resist or judge the appearances. Just steadily install the new programming within. Consciously sow the seeds through imagination and let them naturally flower.

Neville Goddard’s EIYPO Explained

In summary, EIYPO means the entire world springs forth from imagination and assumptions within one’s consciousness. There is no solid external reality outside of your perception and beliefs.

This principle hands you immense power to rewrite your reality. You take responsibility as the operant power. Then you can consciously plant seeds within your imagination that naturally blossom in the outer world.

Rather than struggling to control circumstances and people, you simply shift into the state of already having your desire.

EIYPO is deeply empowering when properly understood. You cease being a victim of the world, and become master of your inner world – the only place that matters. Neville reminds us where the real work is done.

Here are some lectures where Neville Goddard has talked about everyone is you pushed out concept.

From the Test Yourselves lecture

See the world as nothing more than yourself pushed out and everything in it as aiding the birth of your imagination, for the behavior of the world relative to you determined by the concept you hold of yourself. It doesn’t really matter what your individual personal life is, the whole vast world is yourself pushed out and everyone in it is there to aid the birth of all of your imaginal acts.

From Come O Blessed lecture:

If I could only get you to realize that you dwell in everyone. That you are always looking at yourself pushed out! Unable to behold another, every being in the world is yourself made visible, so if you don’t see the Christ in another and you are only feeding the Christ, then you do not know who “I am.”

From Live in the end lecture:

Well, if, this night, I really believe it, I would not allow the sun to go down in my sleep unless I feel myself right into the situation of the wish fulfilled. It need not be a wish for myself; it could be a wish for a friend, for everyone in the world, because Christ dwells in all, and Christ is the true identity of every man, then everyone must be myself “pushed out.” There can’t be another if God is one, therefore, I tell myself, as the seeming other, what I would do if I were you, and instead of giving him the thing that he needs physically, tell him how to get it for himself.

From No Other Foundation lecture:

Accept awareness as your way of life, and you will find a freedom you have never known before. You will become aware of the fact that everyone and everything is yourself pushed out. You will awaken as God, the father of all life, to realize that although things appear to die, they do not, for nothing dies in Christ.

From Incarnate Revelation lecture:

When you discover this truth, you cannot hurt another. Rather, you will help everyone, because you will know he is yourself pushed out.

From the Secret of Prayer lecture:

Everything and everyone in your world, is yourself pushed out. Any request from another – heard by you – should not be ignored; for it is coming from yourself.

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