Does Neville Goddard’s Teachings Really Work?

As a long-time student and teacher of Neville’s principles myself, I’m often asked – does this stuff really work? Can we really manifest and create whatever we desire just by changing our thoughts and assumptions?

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be sharing my insights as a manifestation practitioner on whether Neville Goddard’s teachings actually work, common “blocks” that get in the way of conscious creation, and tips to start manifesting effectively.

Who is Neville Goddard?

If you’re new to his work, Neville Goddard was a profound spiritual teacher and lecturer who spent over 30 years teaching the law of assumption – essentially that our assumptions and dominant thoughts create our reality.

Some of the important concepts he shared include:

  • Imagining Creates Reality – Our imagination is the creative power through which we manifest. What we consistently imagine and emotionally feel to be true will be reflected back to us as our physical reality.
  • I AM is God – God is simply the “I AM” presence within each of us. We are individualized expressions of the one universal consciousness (God).
  • We Are Eternal Beings – Our true essence is the eternal imagination itself, not the physical bodies we inhabit. We cannot die, we simply shift states.
  • We Are Always Manifesting – Consciously or not, we are always using our imagination to manifest. The goal is to use it consciously and purposefully.
  • States, Not Goals – We must occupy the state of already having what we want, not chase after goals. Live from the end.

The core of Neville’s message is that we create our lives directly through our imagination and state of consciousness. By assuming we already have our desire and living in that state, we shift reality to match it.

Does Neville Goddard Work?

So the big question – can we really manifest simply by changing our thoughts, assumptions and what we imagine? Does Neville Goddard’s approach really work in practice?

In my experience – absolutely. Once properly understood and applied, Neville’s teachings consistently produce results and everything he wrote works precisely as he described.

I have manifested opportunities, money, relationships, healing, and many “impossible” outcomes just by applying his techniques and living from the state of already having my desire. Neville’s approach completely transformed my ability to consciously create.

However, this level of manifestation mastery is a process. Many beginners run into roadblocks and limitations in their ability when they first start practicing.

Some common challenges include:

  • Lack of Discipline – Not persisting in the techniques and letting the mind default back to old thought patterns.
  • Doubts and Fears – Unconscious beliefs that contradict the new state being imagined.
  • Trying Too Hard – Forceful visualizing instead of gently assuming the wish fulfilled.
  • Seeing Is Believing – Only believing once there is physical proof, rather than having faith in the unseen reality.

With practice, these blocks dissolve and conscious creation becomes second nature.

3 Keys to Manifest Effectively Using Neville’s Teachings

Here are 3 essential keys I’ve found for getting Neville Goddard’s techniques to work consistently:

1. Have Clear Intentions, Expectations and Desires

Get very clear on exactly what you want to manifest, why you want it, and the emotions you expect to experience. The clearer the vision, the easier it is for the subconscious mind to produce it.

2. Enter The State of Wish Fulfilled

Use imagination and feeling to fully embrace the state of already having or being what you desire. This might involve visualizing a scene that implies your wish is fulfilled, affirmations of having it now, or feeling the emotions you would have if it were true.

3. Persist and Allow Changes To Manifest

Continue imagining from the end result daily. Let go of how it unfolds; your job is staying faithful to the new state of consciousness. Signs and reflections will emerge to show your manifestation coming to physical fruition.

Advanced Neville Techniques To Speed Up Your Manifesting

Once you grasp the basics, there are many advanced Neville techniques you can use to go deeper:


Scripting involves writing out a story in first person present tense detailing your desire as if it is already fulfilled. Here’s how:

  • Write out your entire story from start to finish. Include sensory details – what you see, hear, feel, etc.
  • Really get into the feeling of living this reality now. Express your emotions fully.
  • Involve other characters and detail conversations you might have. Make it lifelike.
  • You can journal this by hand or type it up. Add to it and revise over time.
  • Return and read your script frequently to impress your subconscious and crystallize this reality.

Through scripting, you bring your inner vision vividly to life. This powerful process crystallizes your imagined state.

State Stacking

State stacking means layering multiple scenes in imagination that imply your desire is fulfilled. The steps are:

  • Choose 3-5 short scenes related to your desire. For example, buying your dream home – you see yourself touring it, decorating, hosting a housewarming party.
  • Loop through these scenes in imagination before sleep. Don’t force it, relax into each one.
  • String the scenes together in a natural way that feels real to you.
  • Repeat this state stacking exercise over days or weeks.

Stacking these “slices” of reality compounds them into one solid whole. You start living from your desire in multiple ways.


Revision involves revising past events in your imagination. Here is the process:

  • Choose a past event that still bothers you in some way. Recall it vividly.
  • Now replay the memory, changing key elements to alter the meaning or emotion.
  • Revise the dialog, setting, or even the entire context. Change your emotional response.
  • Repeat this process frequently until recalling this event naturally brings the revised meaning and feelings.

Revising the past dissolves negative charges attached to past events. You reframe the meaning.

Living From The End

Living from the end means making choices from the state of already having your desire. For example:

  • If your desire is a new home, browse furniture online or drive through the neighborhood frequently.
  • If your desire is a trip, research activities at the destination or buy travel items.
  • If your desire is a relationship, set the table for two or keep their favorite food stocked.

Making choices aligned with having your desire impresses the subconscious and affirms the new state as real.

Mental Diets

A mental diet involves monitoring your self-talk to catch any thoughts or assumptions that contradict your new state. Tips:

  • Note thoughts as they occur and revise ones not aligning with your desire. Reframe or replace them.
  • Avoid venting, complaining, or dwelling on lack. Redirect your inner talk to the positive.
  • Consciously counter any fears, doubts or limiting beliefs with opposing assumptions.
  • Persist in this even when you don’t feel like it. Your thoughts will gradually change.

With a strict mental diet, your inner state evolves to match your desire. Thoughts and beliefs recalibrate.

Assumption Training

Assumption training means quickly assuming smaller ordinary desires are fulfilled, which builds your manifesting skills. For example:

  • Assume you’ll see a red car or bird. Give thanks when you do.
  • Imagine a friend calls you, then expect their call. Answer with gratitude.
  • Assume you’ll find a close parking spot or seat on transport. Express fulfillment when it happens.

Mastering smaller manifestations builds confidence in your power. You learn to instantly embody the wish fulfilled.

The more you practice conscious manifestation, the more impressively it unfolds. Persistence is key.

In my experience as a Neville Goddard teacher, his techniques absolutely work when applied correctly.

By focusing your imagination and dominant thoughts on the wish fulfilled, you reprogram the subconscious mind and shift your state of consciousness. This state generates the tangible manifestation.

With discipline and persistence, you can learn to manifest and create your reality with precision using Neville’s teachings. It is truly life changing.

I hope this guide has shed some light on how to make Neville’s law of assumption work for you. The realm of possibility lies within your imagination. Time to put it to powerful use!

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