Manifestation vs Law of Attraction: What’s the difference?

manifestation vs law of attraction

Have you ever heard of manifestation or the law of attraction and wondered what they are all about? Or perhaps you have heard of one but not the other and are curious if manifestation vs law of attraction has any differences. Manifestation and the law of attraction are two powerful techniques that can help you … Read more

SATS Neville Goddard technique: Does it work?

neville goddard sats

If you have heard about Neville Goddard, you might be wondering what Neville Goddard SATS means. In this article, I want to share what SATS is and how you can use the SATS technique to manifest your desires. SATS Neville Goddard (State Akin To Sleep) technique is a method for manifesting your desires. With SATS, … Read more

Law of Assumption vs Law of Attraction: 5 surprising differences

law of assumption vs law of attraction

Like most, I learned about the Law of assumption after first hearing about the Law of attraction. You might be wondering about law of assumevption vs law of attraction. The Law of assumption can be easier to understand and follow when it comes to manifesting your desires. In this article, I want to share the … Read more

Neville Goddard Ladder Technique [step-by-step guide]

neville goddard ladder technique

Neville Goddard’s ladder technique will help you test manifestation and the law of assumption yourself. The ladder technique (or ladder experiment) is a technique shared by Neville Goddard to show that imagination creates reality. This exercise could also be done by anyone who wants to know if manifestation techniques by Neville Goddard work. I’ll first … Read more